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Mold & Indoor Air Quality Assessments

A mold assessment helps determine if you have a mold problem in your home or building.

Mold Health Effects
  • Potential to cause illness: Mold exposure can trigger various health problems, especially in sensitive individuals with asthma, allergies, or weakened immune systems.
  • Limited research: The vast number of mold types (over 60,000!) makes it challenging to understand their health effects. New research is ongoing, but there’s still much to learn.
What is a Mold Assessment?
  • Key factors assessed:
    • Presence of mold growth: This is the main question the assessment answers.
    • Underlying cause: Identifying the reason for mold growth is crucial for proper remediation.
    • Mold extent: The assessment estimates the affected area if mold is present.
  • Assessment process:
    • Visual inspection: We inspect the property for visible mold and moisture issues.
    • Sampling (optional): In some cases, samples of suspected mold are taken for lab analysis to identify the type and concentration.
  • Assessment report: The report documents the findings, including photos, sample results, and recommendations for remediation if mold is found.