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Well Performance Inspections

A water well performance inspection is a proactive step that comprehensively evaluates a property’s private well system. It assesses the well’s ability to deliver a sufficient quantity and quality of water to meet the household’s needs. Here’s why this inspection is not just necessary but empowering:

Measures adequate water supply:
  • The inspection includes a flow test, determining how much water the well pump can produce per minute. The test helps identify potential issues that could lead to low water pressure or insufficient water flow for the household.
Identifies potential water quality problems:
  • While a well performance inspection doesn’t involve comprehensive water quality testing (Water quality analysis is a separate test we offer by partnering with a certified testing lab), it can reveal signs of contamination. We look for factors that could indicate contamination risks, such as well casing integrity or improper wellhead location.
  • Visual inspection: We examine the well’s physical condition, including the casing, wellhead, pressure tank, and any visible signs of damage or leaks.
Provides insight into the well system condition:
  • The inspection examines the well pump, pressure tank, and other well equipment to assess their condition and functionality. The inspection helps identify potential problems that could lead to breakdowns or inefficiencies in the future.

By informing you about any recommended repairs or replacements for well-system components, the inspection report equips you with the knowledge to budget effectively. The report allows you to factor in these costs when making an offer on the property, ensuring you’re fully prepared for potential expenses. Overall, a well performance inspection offers valuable insight into the health of a home’s well-system. It can help reduce water quality, quantity, and well-system maintenance surprises.